Friday, May 4, 2007

Navigating the Cereal Aisle of Life - Irmgarde Brown

I didn't get to blog this yesterday: Harford County's own Irmgarde Brown provided a rigorous training session; Navigating the Cereal Aisle of Life: How to Build a Personal Mission Statement.

Irmgarde explored the paradox of "too many choices, and explained how the overabundance of choice in today's society makes it more and more difficult for people to decide what they are about and to develop a mission statement that suits their own lives.

She then explained developing some sort of personal mission statement is essential to have a meaningful life, make our lives more productive, and give you more control over your own life, among several other benefits.

The workshop consisted of a series of exercises designed to get us to think about who we think we are, based our gifts, talents, passions, and core values. Finally, we had to work out who or what cause we would choose to serve in life. These probably sound like really whopper concepts and ideas. They ARE.

One of the key benefits of this workshop was that Irmgarde provided WORD LISTS of possibilities, with similar types of possibilites all provided in one place. (At first, I was reminded of playing "Mad Lib" - remember Mad Libs, where you fill in the blanks and get a goofy statement at the end?) But no - these lists were provided some help to someone like yours truly. I didn't get overwhelmed because "the-possibilites-were-endless-but-I couldn't-think-of-a-single-one." I had examples right in front of me, and I could use those examples, or think of similar related ideas of my own to use.

The workshop was 2.5 hours. Naturally, something like a personal mission statement couldn't possibly come together in this amount of time. Irmgarde provided us with a good solid start and imparted some pretty healthy thoughts and tools to get us moving along the road towards developing our mission statements.

I don't know if Irmgarde plans to do this workshop again in the future, but if she does, I recommend it highly!

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